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The Barbados Shop - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recent questions

 Q:  Why is shipping taking longer ?

Surface mail to the USA and Canada  leaves the island every two weeks on the Friday of said week.  To avoid parcels being out of care for too long we deliver parcels to the post office the week they are to be dispatched from the island.  


The Barbados Shop Order Processing

Q : I placed my order, how can I find out what stage it is at until it is posted ?

A:  Once you have placed your order, a status email is sent as each stage of processing is completed. Alternately if you registered an account with The Barbados Shop during checkout, visit www.the-barbados-shop.com and log into "My Account", here you will be able to see the status of your order at any time.


Q:  I just placed my order but would like to change it, is it too late? How can I do this?

A:  Providing your order has not been dispatched for posting, you may change your order.  To do this log into " My Account" (or create an account if you did not do so at check out) and  click "View Messages."   Then send us a message telling us of the change and to cancel your order.  Return to the store and shop for your preferred items.    


Q: There are a few things I would like to purchase from Barbados but they are not in your store, would you be able to organise an order for the items? Thanks.

A: Yes , providing that the items are not illicit items,(weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc) and that they can manageably be shipped to you in good condition.  Items deemed as extremely fragile (for example, glass) and or expensive will not be able to be shipped.  We reserve the right to determine which items on your list can be shipped.  To have us process a custom order, send us your list via email or through " My Account", once the items have been sourced your order will then need to be created for you via telephone.


The Barbados Shop Shipping

Q: Where can I track my parcel once it has been shipped?

A: To track your parcel, using the tracking number provided, visit the following sites and enter the complete tracking number.

For parcels going to:

UK and Europe - visit www. parcelforce.com

USA - visit www.usps.com

Canada - visit http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/default.jsf?LOCALE=en

Alternatively all parcels can be tracked from: The Barbados Postal website - http://www.bps.gov.bb


Q:  I received my tracking number today but when I  try to track my parcel no information shows up?

 A:  This means the information for your package has not yet been entered into the systems at the Barbados Post Office.  The information for your parcel usually appears within 1-2 days from the  day of dispatch.  If not, please send us an email, we will be happy to inquire with the Barbados Post Office on the status of your parcel and provide you with scanned proof of postage.  In addition to usps.com for parcels going to the USA and parcelforce.com for parcels going to Canada and around the world.  Customers can also track packages using the Barbados Postal Service website tracking tool ( http://barbadospostal.com/consumerservices/tracktrace.html )


Q:  I would like to use a shipping method other than the ones provided, what are my options?

A:  We offer Fed Ex and DHL as shipping options as per special request,  this method would need to be quoted manually based on the items you wish to order.  Your order will need to be created manually via a MY Account you can set up,  over the telephone or by email, payment details will be collected during the creation of  your order by our customer service rep.  For this option, email us or send a message using "My Account" - view messages, detailing the items you wish to purchase and have shipped.  We can also bill the shipping to your Fed Ex or DHL account if you prefer and your oder would be quoted for the items plus  handling fee, between USD$ 5.50 - USD$ 12.00).  Please enquire with info@the-barbados-shop.com about the handling fee for your region


The Barbados Shop Specials and Coupons

Q:  How can I find out about special promotions for your store? 

A:  Sign-up for our monthly newsletter, The Barbados Shop News, where you can not only find out about upcoming store promotions but also benefit from Barbados shopping coupon codes for the products being featured that month.  Sometimes we do have pop-up sales that are spur of the moment, so it's a good idea to keep visiting The Barbados Shop from time to time and set up an rss feed. 


The Barbados Shop Privacy and Security

Q: I am skeptical about giving my personal information while online shopping, what safety measures are in place?

A: We only use the information collected on our site  for the purpose of processing your order.   We have carefully selected a secure payment gateway 2Checkout.com to facilitate safe Barbados shopping experience on The Barbados shop.  2Checkout will handle processing payment on behalf of your order.  Your payment details are not printed  or provided to any other third party.  Your mailing address and telephone number etc.  will be printed only for shipping labels and packaging.  

At anytime for your personal privacy, after you have completed visiting or shopping at The Barbados shop, whether you have placed an order or logged into " My Account",  clear your browsing history and cookies from your computer.