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The Barbados Shop captures " A Bit of Bim and the Caribbean too"


Somewhere 3,000 miles West of Africa and 104 miles east of  St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the North Atlantic Ocean, sits this sunny island on its lonesome called Barbados.

Exuding charm, Barbados is an exclusive holiday destination fusing primarily British and African  heritage with the delights of the Caribbean.

Colorful landscapes,  a mix of  historic Cathedrals and Forts, traditional wood houses,  Jacobean, Georgian and other historic, aristocrat architecture, mingle with modern interpretations of design for an interesting portrait enchanted by tropical views of the country and ocean.

Unique, Afro, Euro, Caribbean roots continue through exotic expressions of art and hand-crafted jewelry, Calypso music, delicious Bajan cuisine  and the sport- Cricket, to mention a few things.  

Nature-wise in Barbados, sunshine and cooling winds make for spa-like beaches,  adorned with white sand  and clear waters dotted various shades of blue.  Beautiful sunsets,  turtles to swim with, jet skiing, “a round of golf“, caves to explore, duty-free shopping in Barbados and many other things define this paradise.  

It is a fun mix to experience,   and in our Barbados store  some of  the best parts of this unique island lifestyle  are  featured through a range of  specialty  Barbados and Caribbean gifts .  So you can enjoy shopping a little bit of Barbados and something great from the Caribbean  whenever you wish.

To your next trip or first visit.   


Thank you for visiting our online Barbados shop.  We hope you enjoy some Barbados shopping.


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Feel free to email: info@the-barbados-shop.com


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We aim to answer all queries within 24 hours.   Even for special requests and customization of your online Barbados shopping, we’re happy to do our best assisiting to organize legal products not featured in our store, specially for your custom purchase.  


Please note, for special custom orders, owing to certain export and import restrictions to various countries around the world, there are some items that may be of interest not featured in our store that we may not be able to  ship.  Please also expect extended delivery time on custom orders as The Barbados shop will need to source the items for you.